Innovative technology in a modern hospital operating room futuristic medical interface concept Keeping a close monitor on the patient's state of health
Product Design Award 2012
F3 Fetal Monitor
  • Multi-display Modes
  • Simple Workflow
  • USB Storage Capacity
  • Data Management
  • Advanced FHR Detection Technology
  • Flexible Printing Options
Technical Information
Easy to Read & Operate

Based on our own design language, F3 gets an iF design award for its compact, lightweight and ergonomic design.

With its elegant design, bright color screen, and enhanced functionality, F3 fetal monitor would address the needs of obstertrical departments in both clinics and hospitals. F3 is amazingly lightweight and portable, which makes it suitable for outpatient service. With the latest technologies from EDAN, F3 offers an extensive set of monitoring parameters such as FHR, TOCO, DECG, IUP and fetal movement.
Being Productive Being Trust
Acclarix LX3
  • Fetal Face
  • Fetal Heart
  • MSK
  • Color Doppler Spleen
  • TVD
  • Anatomic M
Technical Information
The Virtue of Value

New Generation of Capability and Flexibility

Compacted with innovative Edan TAI technology and multiple imaging processing technologies, Acclarix LX3 could perfectly display ultrasound image in different modes, assisting sonographer to make more precise diagnosis.
• High fidelity, high-channel count architecture results in superb detail resolution, particularly at depth

• Tissue Adaptive Imaging (TAI) continuously and automatically optimizes imaging allowing more focus on the patient - In B-mode, TAI fine tunes multiple parameters to provide the best possible image quality - In Doppler, TAI automatically adjusts for flow state, providing improved continuity, border detection and fill
A Clear Vision
Acclarix LX9
  • Fetal Face
  • Hepatic Flow
  • Mitral Valve Regurgitation
  • Left Ventricle
  • Umbilical Artery / Vein
  • Elastography Image - Thyroid Cyst
Technical Information
Stunning Clarity

Elegant Fusion of Specialty and Flexibility

Ultrasound reimagined. Born of a vision to deliver meaningful design innovations that benefit the user, the Acclarix LX9 features a host of design breakthroughs that make day-to-day operation in general diagnostic environment easy, fast and intuitive.

When referring to performance, renovation and multiformity - there is one ultrasound system that delivers more. Developed specifically to address the challenges of complex ultrasound environments, the AcclarixTM LX9 Diagnostic Ultrasound System aims to provide precise diagnosis in versatile clinic application with uncompromising image quality , brilliant workflow and user-friendly operation.
Diagnostic Ultrasound System
  • Compact Design
  • Complehensive Clinical Applications
  • Advanced Imaging Technologies
  • User-Friendly Operation
  • Renal Vascularity
  • Umbilical Artery
  • Right Hepatic Vein
Technical Information
Excellent Image Quality

Clear. Compact. Comprehensive

With its compact design, user-friendly operation and advanced imaging technologies, the U60 diagnostic ultrasound system offers a broad range of clinical applications to address all of your imaging needs.
The U60 provides excellent detail, contrast resolution and image uniformity without sacrificing penetration. Excellent color and Doppler sensitivity easily detects small, low flow vessels.
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